We love what we do, and you will too.

Great Selection

Over 1,000,000 parts accessible from our network. Roughly 70-90,000 in our stock at any given time.

We’re Experienced

We have over 75 years of combined experience in our management ranks and even more when you consider the broad experience our sales teams bring to the table.

True Quality

We believe in keeping our customers happy with strong quality checks and review of electronic components prior to shipment.

We are People-focused

We want your team to be successful and we will do everything we can to make your order go smoothly so that you will want to place the next one!

We are Creative

We don’t take “no” as the final answer. We look for ways to bring our customers a “yes” answer!

Invested Supplier Network

We ensure that our entire supply chain is invested in your success. We source parts we don’t have in stock from a strong network of trusted suppliers that have serviced this industry for over 50 years.

Premium, Highest Quality Components

Cynergy is a professional independent distributor of electronic parts. We are ready to serve your needs.

We specialize in obsolete parts and hard to find parts including integrated circuits (ICS), memory, logic, linear, interface, embedded FPGAS, CPLDS, microprocessors, microcontrollers, resistors, capacitors, switches, sensors, transducers, RF/IF and RFID, semiconductor modules, relays, optoelectronics and discrete semiconductors. Please contact our experienced specialists to locate the parts you need right away. Our central location provides easy access to customers in Asia, Africa and Europe. We emphasize trust, professionalism and respect in every business encounter.

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