At Cynergy we believe in working hard and giving our customers the highest quality products we can provide. In order to do this, we strive hard to rigorously test the components that we sell. You can lower your risk in the market for components, by working directly with Cynergy.

Remember, purchasing obsolete parts can be risky business. Counterfeit items are out there and ready to disrupt your supply chain. When you purchase these items from Cynergy, we take on the risks to properly vet the sources and guarantee you an outstanding authentic product every time.

Standard Procedures

These are some of the standard steps we perform:

  • Verify items are packaged in correct ESD packaging
  • Check logo for authenticity
  • Verify parts dimensions again manufacturers data sheet
  • Check Lot and date code against known suspect lots
  • Perform scratch test for marking permanency
  • Check leads for re tinning
  • Check items under magnification for inconsistencies
  • DECAP for die verification
  • X-ray testing for die anomalies
  • Electrical test for functionality

We have a zero tolerance policy for suspect counterfeit items and we will work with you to avoid them.